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Danny Aronson is surrounded by assassins. Demoralized by a long-standing case of ED, an unfaithful wife, displacement by her Dominican lover, and an inexorable distancing by his increasingly right wing teenage daughter, the crass Long Island Jewish insurance salesman rediscovers his potency and his pride, emerging from his mid-life funk as The Prince of JDate.

Created by Rasheed Young & Bennett Windheim
Pilot Written By Bennett Windheim & Rasheed Young
Copyright (C) 2014 by Bennett Windheim & Rasheed Young

Danny Aronson: Jewish insurance salesman (early 40s)
Stacy Aronson: Danny's wife (early 40s)
Emma Aronson: Their 13-year-old neo-con daughter
Lyle: Emma's cross-dressing BF (13)
Francisco: Stacy's lover (40)
Scott:, Member of Danny's crew, schoolteacher (early 40s)
Benjamin: Member of Danny's crew, gay, possible anarchist, potentially dangerous (early 40s)
Ray: Member of Danny's crew, African-American, man of mystery (early 40s)
Rabbi Marcy: Ray's friend with benefits
Frances Aronson: Danny's long-suffering mother (late 60s/early 70s)
Arthur Aronson: Danny's father, early stages of dementia (early 70s)
Morty Fuller: Stacy's father, self-proclaimed macher (early 70s)
Mildred Fuller: Stacy's mother, never seen, only heard (late 60s/early 70s)
Joy Fuller: Stacy's put-upon and self-pitying sister (mid-40s)

Think Parenthood meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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